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plan to earn money online

in your own business.

This is ideal for newbies and

others that wish to shore up their marketing programs.



When we started in the online ebusiness, we had no clue where to start. We read everything we could find. And, guess what, we got thoroughly confused.

Long ago, we had learned that when everything seems fuzzy then it probably is.

Marketing plans with lots of theories were located first. The only thing missing from most of them was a concrete plan that did not favor or push one specific idea, concept, or program.

So, we decided to create a really simple plan that could be executed by anyone. From our own experiences we had learned that there is no single easy way to get an organized approach up and running. It takes time and patience.

You may have heard of the terms "Strategy" and "Tactical". We will define them here simply as the "Plan" and "Executing" the plan.

When you get inside our program, you will see that our plan is a 4 step process. The execution is described to you in detail right there. Both of them are together so you aren't sent all over the place to accomplish the overall plan.

But, let me explain that last statement. We mean that the outline for each step is presented in one place. You will need to go other places to deal with each step, but, in all cases you come back to this outlined program and move to the next step.

As you progress through the steps, you will be able to apply what you are learning and building in order to start creating tangible immediate results as you go. Ultimately, all of this will start driving revenues to your business.

Let us point out one more important thing to keep in mind, this is a never ending process. You will build upon this base as long as you are actively pursuing your online business. Some of the places that you get involved with will go away. New ones will show up. Better offers will be presented. And, it gets really exciting when you start seeing the money hitting your accounts.

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