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My name is Bruce Tuggle. My wife is Patricia.

I was the original webmaster (1991) for a large international company until my retirement in 2002. The next 10 years found me and my wife working with other folks' websites.

We are mostly retired now. Every now and then someone asks for our advice regarding something on their website and as long as we don't have to do anything more than talk about it, we don't charge our enormous consulting fees.

We run this site as a service to newbies mainly. It is a seriously great way to lay down a basic foundation for the marketing side of a business. We've only had one experienced trader use our system, but, I think that is because most of the old timers have an attitude that says their way or the highway. We actually don't disagree with them since their system is working or they would be gone.

Since you are most likely on one of our email lists, you will most likely see one or more of our promotions. These usually fall into one or another of these categories: A good idea; Something we think needs shoring up; a new product/service; or, whatever strikes our fancy at the moment.

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