Taking something as complicated as starting a business with all the rules and regulations in the way is really a massive undertaking. If broken down into simpler single steps, the process gets considerably easier to manage.

We show you how to get your online business set up and ready for you to start making money. The 6 steps needed are presented in an easy format. Each step utilizes all or portions of the prior steps (which makes it important to complete the steps in order). We recommend that you scan through the pdf document completely first and then start working on each step as you get the time.

The following are the titles for each of the steps.

  • Have a Business Plan;
  • Have a bank account that is separate from personal;
  • Have an online money processor;
  • Have a product or service;
  • Have a list of suspects and prospects; and, finally;
  • Have time to work on this project.
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