How to Create a Solid Foundation For Your Internet Business.

Hi, if you really want to have a quality producing online business, you need to have a solid base or foundation to build it strong.

That foundation that we are talking about must consist of at least two things:

  1. It takes money to make money. You need a cash flow you can count on. You need an advertising budget and you need a small take home paycheck to help you believe that what you are doing is significant. And,
  2. You need advertising sources. This is where you will locate the people willing to give you money for your offers.

This page outlines one method that works to achieve a very decent monthly income. It also sets you up with enough advertising muscle to pretty much turn on or off the flow of referrals or sales whenever you want.

Now, let us take a moment to lay down the rules:

  • Do each of the steps in order;
  • Do each step completely before moving on;
  • Take the time necessary to complete each step;
  • Enjoy yourself, make this a fun project; and,
  • Have patience. Oh, did I mention, have patience?

thanks, Bruce Tuggle

Step One

Each of the free section links in Advertising Blowout provide you with a minimum of 5 solo's and 5,000 banner links.

If you upgrade to the Gold membership level you can earn 15 more solo's and 15,000 more banner links.



Step Two
Join Just Plain Traffic.

Once you have joined, go to >>DOWNLINE BUILDER<<. You might be a member of some of the mailers listed in the referral builder. Be sure to add your referral link to those as well as the new sites you join in this TAE.

Step Three
Join . Simple Mail Builder has another great list of mailers in the Download Builder.

Yes, it's a lot of work to join so many, but you'll be using them all AND each one will be another income source in your portfolio. Once again, join all the mailers listed, and add your referral link. I saw huge value in this program, and upgraded immediately. Make your own decision. Once you have joined several of the safelists, start promoting this site as well. This one should generate quick money for you.

Pause A Moment

The three major steps that have gone on so far are designed to get you involved with as many sites as possible and accumulate points that can be turned into advertising.

In this next step, we are introducing a site that will have a cost attached to it of $10 one time.


Step Four
Join for a $10 one time only fee.

Locate the tab called: "DOWNLINE BUILDER"

Follow the instructions on this page. If you are not already a member, join. Include your link name/number only.

Upgrade in each where you can afford to do so now. Upgrade later when you can afford to do so. In all cases upgrade each of these to the maximum possible when you can afford it.

Go to the "EARN CASH PROMOTING US" tab. Get your referral id and save it where you can get to it quickly.

Now, start promoting the Easy Cash List Building Systems site at all of the sites that you have joined in the previous steps of this program.

The End

Well, almost...

With these tools, you are on your way to building a solid base for your online business. It is important that you manage the sites you have joined, as well as the ones that you will join in the future.

We offer some information that can further help you as you grow.

ATTN: Readers acknowledge that the author is not engaged in rendering legal, financial or professional advice.

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