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Terms Of Service You agree to the use of our site as is.

We provide a variety of links to other sites where you may join their programs. Should you make a purchase at those sites, we may receive a commission. We are not an employee of those sites nor do we have a vested interest in them.

Should we be the owners of a linked site, we will so advise you by our signature line at the bottom of each html page.


Return/Refund Policy As a general rule, we do not accept any returns nor provide any refunds on purchases of soft goods or services.

In the event that we provide hard goods (owned by us) which must be delivered via a common carrier or hand delivered in tangible form, we will provide a 100% refund on any unopened and undamaged product within 14 working days of our shipping date.

Should the product (owned by us) be opened, then it must be returned in 100% working order with no observable damage; in which case, we will provide 90% of the original purchase price (not including shipping or tax charges to the customer and return carrier fees to us). The 10% is to be considered a restocking and repacking fee. We will not pay any refund for damaged goods. Should the damage be a result of the carrier to the customer, the customer should take up reimbursement from that carrier.

All returned items, that were owned by us, must be preapproved by us. We will issue a RFP# which the customer will place on the outside of the package being returned. The best place is near the return address of the customer. Request the RFP# via the comment field on the contact us page of our site.

Where the item to be returned is from a third party vendor, the claim for return lies between the customer and the third party vendor.


Privacy Policy Should you complete a form, inquire for information, or in any other manner of contact through our website, we may include your basic information in our personal mailing list. We will NOT provide your personal information to any other person or company without your permission. In the event that you are ordering a product or service that we represent as a commissioned agent, your information will be provided directly to the company or person providing that product or service. By ordering a third party's product or service you indemdefy us from any liability whatsoever.


Other Legal Stuff From time to time, an issue may arise where you as the customer and we as the vendor do not agree upon something. You have the full right to engage legal counsel for advice regarding your position on that or any other topic that may concern you.

As part of our service to you, should you decide that your only course of action is to sue us, then that suit must be presented in a court of law in our jurisdiction as presented in our contact address above. Likewise, should we feel that our only course of action is to sue you, then that suit will be presented in a court of law in our jurisdiction as presented in our contact address.

We prefer to NOT need to allow a disagreement to get this far as it is best for both of us to settle our disputes in a amicable manner and continue to maintain open channels for future business together.

We thank you.

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